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The Top 100 Silent Era Films:
Nominations M-Z


The following is a listing of silent era films that have been nominated for inclusion on our listing of The Top 100 Silent Era Films. These films are perhaps a vote or two from being included on the list. You can use the links below to vote for those films you think should be on the Top 100 list. Again, we want to remind you that you can vote for as many films as you want, but we are keeping track of balloting and will allow only one vote per film for each voter.

Top 100 Silent Era Films  |  Off the List 101-200  |  Off the List 201-300  |  Nominations A-L

Top 100

Remember: Title, year, director, country.

  Films Nominated to the List
But Not Yet Ranked
  Mabel at the Wheel 1914 Mabel Normand and
Mack Sennett
  Manhandled 1924 Allan Dwan USA
  Manslaughter 1922 Cecil B. DeMille USA
  Man, Woman and Sin 1927 Monta Bell USA
  The Manxman 1929 Alfred Hitchcock England
  The Masquerader 1914 Charles Chaplin USA
  Max, victime du quinquina 1911 Max Linder France
  Le Mélomane
[The Music Lover]
1903 Georges Méliès France
  La Mer
[The Sea]
1895 Louis Lumière and
Auguste Lumière
  Meyer aus Berlin
[Meyer From Berlin]
1919 Ernst Lubitsch Germany
  Michel Strogoff 1926 Viatcheslav Tourjansky France
  The Monster 1925 Roland West USA
  Moonshine 1918 Roscoe Arbuckle USA
  Mud and Sand 1922 Gilbert Pratt USA
  The Musketeers of Pig Alley 1912 D.W. Griffith USA
  Mutter Kransens Fahrt in Glück
[Mother Krause’s Journey to Happiness]
1929 Piel Jutzi Germany
  My Wife’s Relations 1922 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
  The Narrow Trail 1917 Lambert Hillyer USA
  A Natural Born Gambler 1916 [unknown] USA
  Never Weaken 1921 Fred Newmeyer USA
  The Night Club 1925 Paul Iribe and
Frank Urson
  A Night in the Show 1915 Charles Chaplin USA
  Novyi Vavilon
[New Babylon]
1929 Grigorii M. Kozintsev and Leonid G. Trauberg USSR
  Number, Please? 1920 Hal Roach and
Fred Newmeyer
  Nurse Marjorie 1920 William Desmond Taylor USA
  Old San Francisco 1927 Alan Crosland USA
  Oliver Twist 1922 Frank Lloyd USA
  Open All Night 1924 Paul Bern USA
  Oranges and Lemons 1923 George Jeske USA
  Out West 1918 Roscoe Arbuckle USA
  A Pair of Tights 1929 Hal Yates USA
  The Paleface 1922 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
  Pan 1922 Harald Schwenzen Germany
  Panorama des rives du Nil 1897 [unknown] France
  Paris endormi
[The Crazy Ray]
1923 René Clair France
  Pay Day 1922 Charles Chaplin USA
  Plane Crazy 1928 Walt Disney USA
  Police! 1916 Charles Chaplin USA
  Pool Sharks 1915 Edwin Middleton USA
[The Parson’s Widow]
1920 Carl Theodor Dreyer Sweden
  The Prisoner of Zenda 1922 Rex Ingram USA
  Quality Street 1927 Sidney Franklin USA
  The Racket 1928 Lewis Milestone USA
  The Rag Man 1925 Eddie Cline USA
  Rapsodia Satánica 1915 Nino Oxilia Italy
  Le Rat de ville et le rat des champs
[The Town Rat and the Country Rat]
1927 Wladyslaw Starewicz France
  Rewi’s Last Stand 1925 Rudall Hayward New Zealand
  The Ring 1928 Alfred Hitchcock England
  The Roaring Road 1919 James Cruze USA
  Romola 1924 Henry King USA
  The Ropin’ Fool 1922 Clarence G. Badger USA
  Sally of the Sawdust 1925 D.W. Griffith USA
  The Saphead 1920 Herbert Blaché USA
  Scampolo 1928 Augusto Genina Italy
  Le Scarabee d’or
[The Golden Beetle]
1907 Segundo de Chomón France
  The Scarecrow 1920 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
  The Scar of Shame 1927 Frank Peregrini USA
1932 Aleksandr Medvedkin USSR
[Warning Shadows]
1923 Artur Robison Germany
1921 Lupu Pick Germany
  The Sea Beast 1926 Millard Webb USA
  The Sentimental Bloke 1919 Raymond Longford Australia
  El Sexto sentido
[The Sixth Sense]
1929 Nemesio M. Sobrevilla Spain
  Shennü 1934 Yonggang Wu China
  Sherlock Holmes 1922 Albert S. Parker USA
[The Overcoat]
1926 Grigorii M. Kozintsev and Leonid G. Trauberg USSR
  A Ship Comes In 1928 William K. Howard USA
  The Show 1927 Tod Browning USA
  The Show Off 1926 Malcolm St. Clair USA
  Du Skal aere din Hustru
[Master of the House]
1925 Carl Theodor Dreyer Denmark
  Smouldering Fires 1924 Clarence Brown USA
  Soñar despierto
[Day Dreaming]
1911 Segundo de Chomón Spain
  Soyuz Velikogo Dela
1927 Grigorii M. Kozintsev and Leonid G. Trauberg USSR
  Special Delivery 1927 Roscoe Arbuckle USA
  Die Spinnen
[The Spiders]
1919-20 Fritz Lang Germany
  The Squaw Man 1914 Oscar C. Apfel and
Cecil B. DeMille
  Staroye i Novoye
[The Old and the New]
1929 Grigorii M. Kozintsev and Leonid G. Trauberg USSR
  The Street of Forgotten Men 1925 Herbert Brenon USA
  Suds 1920 Jack Dillon USA
  Sumerki zheskoi dushi
[Twilight of a Woman’s Soul]
1913 Evgenii Bauer Russian
  Sunnyside 1919 Charles Chaplin USA
  Tarzan and the Golden Lion 1927 J.P. McGowan USA
  Tempest 1928 Sam Taylor USA
  The Temptress 1926 Fred Niblo and
Mauritz Stiller
  Thomas Graals bästa barn
[Thomas Graal’s First Child]
1918 Mauritz Stiller Sweden
  Thundering Hoofs 1924 Albert S. Rogell USA
  The Tiger’s Coat 1920 Roy Clements USA
  The Torrent 1926 Monta Bell USA
  The Tramp 1915 Charles Chaplin USA
  Le Tripot clandestin
[The Scheming Gambler’s Paradise]
1905 Georges Méliès France
  A Tug in a Heavy Sea 1898 [unknown] England
  Twinkletoes 1926 Charles Brabin USA
  Umirajuseij Lebed’
[The Dying Swan]
1917 Evgenii Bauer USSR
  The Vagabond 1916 Charles Chaplin USA
  The Vanishing American 1925 George B. Seitz USA
  Victory 1919 Maurice Tourneur USA
  The Volga Boatman 1926 Cecil B. DeMille USA
  Von Morgens bis mitternachts
[From Morning till Midnight]
1920 Karl-Heinz Martin Germany
  Wagon Tracks 1919 Lambert Hillyer France
  Das Weib des Pharao
[The Loves of Pharaoh]
1922 Ernst Lubitsch Germany
  Die weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü
[The White Hell of Pitz-Palu]
1929 Arnold Fanck and
G.W. Pabst
  What Happened to Rosa 1920 Victor Schertzinger USA
  When Knighthood Was in Flower 1922 Robert Vignola USA
  The White Rose 1923 D.W. Griffith USA
  Why Pick on Me? 1918 [unknown] USA
  Wild and Woolly 1917 John Emerson USA
  A Wild Roomer 1927 Charles R. Bowers and
Harold L. Muller
  A Woman 1915 Charles Chaplin USA
  Work 1915 Charles Chaplin USA
  Xiao Wanyi
[Little Toys]
1933 Yu Sun China
  Zvenigora 1927 Aleksandr Dovzhenko USSR

Top 100

Remember: Title, year, director, country.

Top 100 Silent Era Films  |  Off the List 101-200  |  Off the List 201-300  |  Nominations A-L
Silent Era Home Page  >  Information  >  The Top 100 Silent Era Films: Nominations M-Z



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