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The Top 100 Silent Era Films:
Off the List 201-300


The following is a listing of silent era films that have received votes for inclusion on our listing of The Top 100 Silent Era Films. The films on this list start with number 201, indicating their ranking relationship to the Top 100 list films. Here also are the listing of films that have been pushed off the Top 100 list. Several of these films are perhaps a vote or two from being included on the Top 100 list. Some films have received enough votes that they are no longer nominations but do not have and never have had enough votes to reach the Top 100 list.

You can use the links below to vote for those films you think should be in the Top 100 films. Again, we want to remind you that you can vote for as many films as you want (up to 100 films), but we are keeping track of balloting and will allow only one vote per film for each voter.

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Top 100
Remember: Title, year, director, country.

Rank Title Year Director Country of Production
201. La Roue 1922 Abel Gance France
202. The Three Musketeers 1921 Fred Niblo USA
203. Tillie’s Punctured Romance 1914 Mack Sennett USA
204. The Toll of the Sea 1922 Chester M. Franklin USA
205. Ukigusa monogatari
[A Story of Floating Weeds]
1934 Yasujiro Ozu Japan
206. Isn’t Life Wonderful? 1924 D.W. Griffith USA
207. Regen
1929 Joris Ivens and Mannus H.K. Franken Holland
208. Gösta Berlings saga
[Gosta Berling’s Saga]
1924 Mauritz Stiller Sweden
209. The Sinking of the Lusitania 1918 Winsor McCay USA
210. Body and Soul 1925 Oscar Micheaux USA
211. Traffic in Souls 1913 George Loane Tucker USA
212. Beau Geste 1926 Herbert Brenon USA
213. Seven Footprints to Satan 1929 Benjamin Christensen USA
214. Joan the Woman 1916 Cecil B. DeMille USA
215. Un Chapeau de paille d’Italie
[The Italian Straw Hat]
1928 René Clair France
216. Konets Sankt-Peterburga
[The End of St. Petersburg]
1927 Vsevolod I. Pudovkin and Mikhail Doller USSR
217. The Blue Bird 1918 Maurice Tourneur USA
218. Hearts of the World 1918 D.W. Griffith USA
219. Mantrap 1926 Victor Fleming USA
220. Mighty Like a Moose 1926 Leo McCarey USA
221. West Point 1928 Edward Sedgwick USA
222. Herr Arnes penningar
[Sir Arne’s Treasure]
1919 Mauritz Stiller Sweden
223. Sylvesterabend
1923 Lupu Pick Germany
224. The River 1929 Frank Borzage USA
225. Die Puppe
[The Doll]
1919 Ernst Lubitsch Germany
226. Seven Years’ Bad Luck 1921 Max Linder USA
227. The Three Must-Get-Theres 1922 Max Linder USA
228. Nana 1926 Jean Renoir France
229. Daisy Doodad’s Dial 1914 Laurence Trimble England
230. The Dumb Girl of Portici 1916 Lois Weber and
Phillips Smalley
231. Furcht
1917 Robert Wiene Germany
232. The Life Story of David Lloyd George 1918 Maurice Elvey England
233. Madame Du Barry
1919 Ernst Lubitsch Germany
234. Sängen om den Eldröda Bloman
[The Song of the Scarlet Flower]
1918 Mauritz Stiller Sweden
235. A Santanotte 1922 Elvira Notari Italy
236. Neobychainye prikliucheniia
mistera Vesta v strane

[The Extraordinary Adventures of
Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks
1924 Lev Kuleshov USSR
237. Mikaël 1924 Carl Theodor Dreyer Germany
238. The Open Road 1924 Claude Friese-Greene England
239. Dirnentragödie 1927 Bruno Rahn Germany
240. Fantasia e surdato 1927 Elvira Notari Italy
241. Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney
[The Love of Jeanne Ney]
1927 G.W. Pabst Germany
242. Abwege 1928 G.W. Pabst Germany
243. Show Life 1928 Richard Eichberg Germany
244. Eliso 1928 Nikolai Shengelaia USSR
245. Four Sons 1928 John Ford USA
246. While the City Sleeps 1928 Jack Conway USA
247. La P’tite lilie 1927 Alberto Cavalcanti France
248. Die Wunderbare Lüge der
Nina Petrowna

[The Wonderful Lies of Nina Petrovna]
1929 Hannes Schwarz Germany
249. The Kiss 1929 Jacques Feyder USA
250. Der Student von Prag
[The Student of Prague]
1913 Stellan Rye Germany
251. The High Sign 1920 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
252. Neighbors 1920 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
253. Across to Singapore 1928 William Nigh USA
254. The Adventurer 1917 Charles Chaplin USA
255. Le Ballet méchanique 1924 Fernand Léger and
Dudley Murphy
256. The Balloonatic 1923 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
257. The Boat 1921 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
258. La Brasier ardent
[The Burning Brasier]
1923 Ivan Mosjoukine and Alexander Volkov France
259. Carmen 1915 Cecil B. DeMille USA
260. Les Cartes vivantes
[The Living Playing Cards]
1905 Georges Méliès France
261. Corner in Wheat 1909 D.W. Griffith USA
262. Don’t Change Your Husband 1919 Cecil B. DeMille USA
263. Ella Cinders 1926 Alfred E. Green USA
264. Eternal Love 1929 Ernst Lubitsch USA
265. Geschlecht in Fesseln:
die Sexualnot der Gefangenen

[Sex in Chains]
1928 William Dieterle Germany
266. Hula 1927 Victor Fleming USA
267. Hotel Imperial 1927 Mauritz Stiller USA
268. Das indische Grabmal
[The Indian Tomb]
1921 Joe May Germany
269. The Jack-Knife Man 1920 King Vidor USA
270. Lady of the Night 1925 Monta Bell USA
271. The Magician 1926 Rex Ingram USA
272. Maré Nostrum 1926 Rex Ingram USA
273. The Matinee Idol 1928 Frank Capra USA
274. Mickey 1918 F. Richard Jones and James Young USA
275. Mr. Wu 1927 William Nigh USA
276. The Mysterious Lady 1928 Fred Niblo USA
277. Old Ironsides 1926 James Cruze USA
278. One A.M. 1916 Charles Chaplin USA
279. Paths to Paradise 1925 Clarence Badger USA
280. The Perils of Pauline 1914 Louis J. Gasnier and
Donald MacKenzie
281. The Plastic Age 1925 Wesley Ruggles USA
282. Riders of the Purple Sage 1925 Lynn Reynolds USA
283. Riley the Cop 1928 John Ford USA
284. Salome 1923 Charles Bryant USA
285. Shadows 1922 Tom Forman USA
286. Street Angel 1928 Frank Borzage USA
287. Tarzan of the Apes 1918 Scott Sidney USA
288. 3 Bad Men 1926 John Ford USA
289. The Toll Gate 1920 Lambert Hillyer USA
290. Twenty Thousand Leagues
Under the Sea
1916 Stuart Paton USA
291. A Voyage à travers l’impossible
[The Impossible Voyage]
1904 Georges Méliès France
292. Why Change Your Wife? 1920 Cecil B. DeMille USA
293. Wild Orchids 1929 Sidney Franklin USA
294. Phantom 1922 F.W. Murnau Germany
295. L’Arrivee d’un train en
Gare de la Ciotat
1895 Louis Lumière France
296. Erotikon 1929 Gustav Machaty Czechosolovakia
297. Fantômas 1913 Louis Feuillade France
298. Der heilige Berg
[The Holy Mountain]
1926 Arnold Fanck Germany

Top 100

Remember: Title, year, director, country.

Top 100 Silent Era Films  |  Off the List 101-200  |  Nominations A-L  |  Nominations M-Z
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