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The Top 100 Silent Era Films:
Nominations A-L


The following is a listing of silent era films that have been nominated for inclusion on our listing of The Top 100 Silent Era Films. These films are perhaps a vote or two from being included on the list. You can use the links below to vote for those films you think should be on the Top 100 list. Again, we want to remind you that you can vote for as many films as you want, but we are keeping track of balloting and will allow only one vote per film for each voter.

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Top 100

Remember: Title, year, director, country.

  Films Nominated to the List
But Not Yet Ranked
  The Ace of Hearts 1921 Wallace Worsley USA
  The Affairs of Anatol 1921 Cecil B. DeMille USA
  Les Affiches en goguette
[The Hilarious Posters]
1906 Georges Méliès France
  La Aldea maldita
[The Doomed Village]
1929 Florián Rey Spain
  Alias Jimmy Valentine 1915 Maurice Tourneur USA
  Alice in Wonderland 1915 W.W. Young USA
  Alraune 1928 Henrik Galeen Germany
  Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley 1918 Marshall Neilan USA
  America 1924 D.W. Griffith USA
  Les Amours de la Reine Elisabeth
[Queen Elizabeth]
1912 Louis Mercanton France-USA
  Anna Christie 1923 John Griffith Wray USA
  Are Parents People? 1925 Malcolm St. Clair USA
  L’Arroseur arrosé 1895 Louis Lumière France
  The Artist’s Dilemma 1901 Edwin S. Porter USA
  Assunta Spina 1914 Gustavo Serena Italy
  L’Atlantide 1921 Jacques Feyder France
  Au bonheur des dames 1930 Julien Duvivier France
  The Avenging Conscience 1914 D.W. Griffith USA
  Back to God’s Country 1919 David M. Hartford USA
  Bangville Police 1913 Henry Lehrman USA
  The Bank 1915 Charles Chaplin USA
1901 Georges Méliès France
  Barbed Wire 1927 Roland V. Lee USA
  The Bat 1926 Roland West USA
  The Battle of the Century 1927 Clyde Bruckman USA
  Die Bergkatze
[The Mountain Cat]
1921 Ernst Lubitsch Germany
  Beyond the Rocks 1922 Sam Wood USA
  The Blacksmith 1922 Buster Keaton and
Malcolm St. Clair
  Blade af Satans Bog
[Leaves From Satan’s Book]
1920 Carl Theodor Dreyer Denmark
  Blue Blazes Rawden 1918 William S. Hart USA
  Brewster’s Millions 1921 Joseph Henabery USA
  Bumping into Broadway 1919 Hal Roach USA
  By the Sea 1915 Charles Chaplin USA
  Le Capitaine Fracasse 1928 Alberto Cavalcanti France
  Carmen 1915 Charles Chaplin USA
  Caught in a Cabaret 1914 Charles Chaplin and
Mabel Normand
  Champagne 1928 Alfred Hitchcock England
  Changing Husbands 1924 Paul Iribe, Frank Urson and Rupert Julian USA
  The Chechachos 1924 Lewis H. Moomaw USA
  Chyortovo kolesco
[The Devil’s Wheel]
1926 Grigorii M. Kozintsev and Leonid G. Trauberg USSR
  Cirano di Bergerac 1923 Augusto Genina Italy-France
  Clash of the Wolves 1925 Noel Smith USA
  The Conquering Power 1921 Rex Ingram USA
  Convict 13 1920 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
  Conway Castle 1898 [unknown] England
  The Cook 1918 Roscoe Arbuckle USA
  La Coquille et le clergyman
[The Seashell and the Clergyman]
1928 Germaine Dulac France
  The Count 1916 Charles Chaplin USA
  Curses 1925 Grover Jones and
Roscoe Arbuckle
  Custer’s Last Fight 1912 Frances Ford USA
[The Big Road]
1934 Yu Sun China
  The Danger Signal 1925 Erle C. Kenton USA
  David Copperfield 1913 Thomas Bentley England
  Day Dreams 1922 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
  Daydreams 1928 Ivor Montagu England
  The Delicious Little Devil 1919 Robert Z. Leonard USA
  Desert Valley 1926 Scott R. Dunlap USA
  Devushka s korobkoi
[The Girl With the Hatbox]
1927 Boris Barnet USSR
  The Disciple 1915 William S. Hart USA
  The Divine Lady 1929 Frank Lloyd USA
  The Dixie Flyer 1926 Charles J. Hunt USA
  Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts 1915 Walter Wright USA
  Dr. Jack 1922 Fred Newmeyer USA
  Down to the Sea in Ships 1922 Elmer Clifton USA
  Drag Harlan 1920 J. Gordon Edwards USA
  Easy Virtue 1927 Alfred Hitchcock England
  L’Eclipse du soleil en pleine lune
[The Eclipse: The Courtship of the
Sun and Moon
1907 George Méliès France
  El Dorado 1921 Marcel L’Herbier France
  Eleven P.M. 1928 Richard Maurice USA
  The Extra Girl 1923 F. Richard Jones USA
  The Face on the Bar Room Floor 1914 Charles Chaplin USA
  The Fall of the House of Usher 1928 James Sibley Watson Jr.
and Melville Webber
  Fantômas contre Fantômas 1914 Louis Feuillade France
  Fatty and Mabel Adrift 1916 Roscoe Arbuckle USA
  Fatty Joins the Force 1913 George Nicholls USA
  Feel My Pulse 1928 Gregory La Cava USA
  Felix in Hollywood 1923 Otto Messmer USA
  La Fille de l’eau 1925 Jean Renoir France
  The Fireman 1916 Charles Chaplin USA
  The Floorwalker 1916 Charles Chaplin USA
  A Florida Enchantment 1914 Sidney Drew USA
  Fluttering Hearts 1927 James Parrott USA
  A Fool There Was 1915 Frank Powell USA
  For the Term of His Natural Life 1926 Norman O. Dawn Australia
  Frankenstein 1910 J. Searle Dawley USA
  From Hand to Mouth 1919 Alf Goulding USA
  The Gay Shoe Clerk 1903 Edwin S. Porter USA
  A Gentleman of Paris 1927 Harry D’Arrast USA
  The Girl and Her Trust 1912 D.W. Griffith USA
  Glomdalsbruden 1926 Carl Theodor Dreyer Norway
  The Golden Chance 1916 Cecil B. DeMille USA
  Goluboj ekspress
[Blue Express]
1929 Ilya Trauberg USSR
  Good Night, Nurse! 1918 Roscoe Arbuckle USA
  The Goose Woman 1925 Clarence Brown USA
  Gretchen the Greenhorn 1916 Sidney Franklin and
Chester M. Franklin
  Hangman’s House 1928 John Ford USA
  Hard Luck 1921 Buster Keaton and
Eddie Cline
  He Did and He Didn’t 1916 Roscoe Arbuckle USA
  Helen’s Babies 1924 William A. Seiter USA
1921 Leopold Jessner and
Paul Leni
  His First Flame 1927 Harry Edwards USA
  His Trysting Place 1914 Charles Chaplin USA
  L’Homme à tête de caoutchouc
[The Man with the Rubber Head]
1901 Georges Méliès France
  L’Homme de tète
[The Four Troublesome Heads]
1898 Georges Méliès France
  L’Homme orchestre
[The One-Man Band]
1900 Georges Méliès France
  The Idle Class 1921 Charles Chaplin USA
  L’Inhumaine 1924 Marcel L’Herbier France
  In the Land of the War Canoes 1914 Edward S. Curtis USA
  In the Park 1915 Charles Chaplin USA
  A Jitney Elopement 1915 Charles Chaplin USA
  Judith of Bethulia 1914 D.W. Griffith USA
  Just Neighbors 1919 Frank Terry and Harold Lloyd USA
  Kid Boots 1926 Frank Tuttle USA
  Kids’ Auto Race 1914 Henry Lehrman USA
  Kiki 1926 Clarence Brown USA
1924 Dziga Vertov USSR
  Koko’s Earth Control 1928 Dave Fleischer USA
  The Last Warning 1928 Paul Leni USA
  Lilac Time 1928 George Fitzmaurice USA
  Limite 1931 Mario Peixoto Brazil
  Limousine Love 1928 Fred Guiol USA
  Little Old New York 1923 Sidney Olcott USA
  Le Locataire diabolique
[The One-Man Band]
1909 Georges Méliès France
  Long Pants 1927 Frank Capra USA
  Love 1919 Roscoe Arbuckle USA
  Love 1927 Edmund Goulding USA
  Love ’em and Leave ’em 1926 Frank Tuttle USA
  The Love Nest 1923 Buster Keaton USA
  The Love of Sunya 1927 Albert Parker USA

Tope 100

Remember: Title, year, director, country.

Top 100 Silent Era Films  |  Off the List 101-200  |  Off the List 201-300  |  Nominations M-Z
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