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August 1927

Digital facsimile on
Windows and Macintosh compatible CD-R




Photoplay Magazine, Volume XXXII, Number 3, August 1927
Digital facsimile produced by Rich Olivieri

Sunrise Silents : Middletown, Rhode Island : 17 May 2005
No ISBN number : 148 pages : CD-R disc in keepcase : $14.95
This digital facsimile edition of a Photoplay Magazine issue from 1927 contains articles on Jetta Goudal, Marcus Loew, Monty Banks, Lois Moran, Carl Laemmle, Norman Kerry, and Jackie Coogan; photographs of Clara Bow, Eleanor Boardman, Thomas Meighan, Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers, Gilda Gray, Anna May Wong, Charles Farrell and Greta Nissen, Ronald Colman, Janet Gaynor, Lillian Gish, Rudolph Valentino, Louise Brooks and Sally Blane with Nancy Phillips, Adolphe Menjou and Kathryn Carver, Esther Ralston, Francis X. Bushman and Francis X. Bushman Jr., and William Boyd and Louis Wolheim on the set of Two Arabian Knights (1927); and articles by James R. Quirk, Robert E. Sherwood, Terry Ramsaye, and Adela Rogers St. Johns, among others. Films reviewed: The Circus Ace (1927), Closed Gates (1927), Cradle Snatchers (1927), Dearie (1927), Fighting Love (1927), Good as Gold (1927), Irish Hearts (1927), Lost at the Front (1927), Man Power (1927), A Million Bid (1927), Mr. Wu (1927), Rough House Rosie (1927), Service for Ladies (1927), Silver Comes Thru (1927), Simple Sis (1927), Slaves of Beauty (1927), The Stolen Bride (1927), Sunset Derby (1927), Surrender (1927), The Tender Hour (1927), Tillie the Toiler (1927), The Unknown (1927), The Way of All Flesh (1927), Wedding Bills (1927), The Whirlwind of Youth (1927), The Woman on Trial (1927) and The World at Her Feet (1927).

We have examined previous digital editions from Sunrise on a Macintosh OS X computer with a DVD/CD drive. The Javascript-controlled, web-browser dependent disc operated as intended with OS X browsers Safari, Camino and Firefox. The disc should function properly in Windows browsers.

The page scans on previous editions were clear and free of moirés, especially in the largest views, and all body type in the magazine was readable in all three page view sizes.

SUNRISE SILENTS has discontinued business and this publication is OUT-OF-PRINT.
Silent Era Home Page  >  Books  >  Photoplay Magazine August 1927



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