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Motion Picture

December 1928

Digital facsimile on
Windows and Macintosh compatible CD-R




Motion Picture Magazine, Volume XXXVI, Number 5, December 1928
Digital facsimile produced by Rich Olivieri

Sunrise Silents : Middletown, Rhode Island : 2005
No ISBN number : 124 pages : CD-R disc in keep case : $14.95

Reviewed by Carl Bennett
pageThis digital facsimile edition of a Motion Picture Magazine issue from 1928 is packed with articles, photos, film novelizations, and trade and commercial advertisements. Motion Pictures was the top fan film magazine of the silent era in the United States, and often relayed facts (and sometimes billious exaggeration) on films, actors and directors.

This issue contains articles by Alice White, and on Charles Chaplin, Mae Murray, George Fawcett, Belle Bennett, George Bancroft, Charles Farrell, Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers, Reginald Denny, Josephine Dunn, Sue Carol, Lina Basquette, Rex Ingram, Fay Wray, Virginia Bradford, and others, illustrations of John Gilbert and Renée Adorée, plus featured photographs of Gloria Swanson, Gary Cooper, Corinne Griffith, Colleen Moore, Norma Shearer, Mary Astor, May McAvoy, Vilma Banky, Madge Bellamy, Nils Asther, Arthur Stone, Fred Kohler, Sally Eilers, Raquel Torres, Nancy Carroll and Eddie Nugent, smaller photos of Harold Lloyd, Joan Crawford, Clara Bow, Laura La Plante, Bebe Daniels, Jean Arthur, Loretta Young, Betty Compson, Marian Nixon, Ted Lewis, Jean Arthur, Yola D’Avril, Lena Malena, Olga Baclanova, Lili Damita, Maria Alba and Lola Salvi, also stills from 4 Devils (1928), A Woman of Affairs (1928) and The Girl on the Barge (1929). Of additional interest are the series of short cinema tidbits in “In and Out of Focus,” “In the Starry Kingdom,” “Left Overs: Hollywood Night and Day,” “The Answer Man” and “Whispering Wires,” and film reviews in “The Picture Parade” and “The CelluLoud Drama.” As always, some of the ads are a hoot.

We examined the edition on a Macintosh OS X computer with a DVD/CD drive. The Javascript-controlled, web-browser dependent disc operated as intended with OS X browsers Safari, Camino and Firefox. The disc should function properly in Windows browsers.

The page scans are clear and free of moirés, especially in the largest views, and all body type in the magazine in readable in all three page view sizes.

We are pleased with the ongoing production of facsimile editions of publications from the silent era. Some publications may survive only in a single copy, others may be rare but obtainable from specialty dealers (as is the case with this magazine). Collectors and historians alike can have ready access to contemporary reference materials in this digital form.

We recommend this CD-R edition of a typical issue of Motion Picture Magazine.

SUNRISE SILENTS has discontinued business and this digital publication is OUT-OF-PRINT.
Silent Era Home Page  >  Books  >  Motion Picture Magazine December 1928



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