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Terry Donahue (left), Ken Winokur and Roger C. Miller.
Photograph: courtesy The Alloy Orchestra.

The Alloy Orchestra

Formed in 1991 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, The Alloy Orchestra composes and performs unusual and entertaining music scores for silent films. Their numerous live appearances have included accompaniment for showings at The Telluride Film Festival, The Film Society of Lincoln Center, The Louvre Museum, The Pordenone Silent Film Festival, The New York Film Festival, The San Francisco Silent Film Festival, George Eastman Museum, and The Seattle International Film Festival. The Alloy Orchestra is Roger C. Miller (synthesizer), Terry Donahue (percussion, accordion, vocals) and Ken Winokur (percussion and clarinet).

The Alloy Orchestra has composed scores for the following films: The Unknown, The Wind, Nosferatu, Metropolis, The Lost World, Man with the Movie Camera, South and Steamboat Bill, Jr., among others. The Alloy Orchestra has also scored the home video collections The Alloy Orchestra Plays Wild and Weird, Arbuckle & Keaton, Volume One and Arbuckle & Keaton, Volume Two.

References: The Alloy Orchestra website.

Website : The Alloy Orchestra

Article: Shhh! Alloy Orchestra Rankles Silent-Film Purists with Its Live Scores

Silent Era Home Page  >  People  >  Composers and Musicians  >  The Alloy Orchestra
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