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Fatty’s Magic Pants
Also known as Fatty’s Suitless Day in the USA
(1914) American
B&W : One reel
Directed by Roscoe Arbuckle

Cast: Roscoe Arbuckle [Fatty], Minta Durfee [the girl], Charles Parrott (Charley Chase) [Fatty’s rival], Bert Roach [a party guest], Harry McCoy [a party guest], Al St. John [a party guest], George Summerville (Slim Summerville) [a policeman]

The Keystone Film Company production; distributed by Mutual Film Corporation. / Produced by Mack Sennett. / © 14 December 1914 by The Keystone Film Company. Released 14 December 1914. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / Working title: The Borrowed Dress. [?] Completed or shipped? on 2 December 1914. The film was reedited and rereleased in the USA as Fatty’s Suitless Day by W.H. Productions Company in 1918.


Survival status: Print exists in a private film collection [16mm reduction positive].

Current rights holder: Public domain.

Keywords: Arrests - Barrels - Canes - Chases - Clothes lines - Dances - Fights - Furniture: Beds - Hats: Top hats - Jews: Jewish tailors - Law: Enforcement: Police: Night sticks, Policemen - Love triangles - Mirrors - Newspapers - Pranks - Screen doors - Scrub boards - Street scenes - Underwear - Wash tubs - Weapons: Guns, Knives

Listing updated: 24 March 2012.

References: Film credits, film viewing : Edmonds-Arbuckle p. 255; Lahue-Triangle p. 136; Lahue-Kops pp. 122h, 150; Lahue-Mack p. 297.

Home video: DVD.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Fatty’s Magic Pants (1914)
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