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  Harold Lloyd (right).
Photograph: Silent Era image collection.
Among Those Present
(1921) American
B&W : Three reels
Directed by Fred C. Newmeyer

Cast: Harold Lloyd [O’Reilly, the boy], Mildred Davis [Miss O’Brien, the girl], James Kelly (James T. Kelley) [Mr. O’Brien, her father], Aggie Herring [Mrs. O’Brien, the mother], Vera White [society pilot], William Gillespie [hard-boiled party], Sammy Brooks [guest], Rollin Aremz, Olive Barker, Hal Berg, K. Bleus, Roy Brooks, Bobby Brydon, Evelyn Burns, Jack Byron, Joe Campbell, Al Caukins, Margaret Cleveland, Barney Crozier, Mary Culver, Frank Daniels, Grace Darnell, Harry Davenport, W.H. Ely, Lillian Farrell, Nell Foltz, Carla Freege, Jim Gether, Louis Goldstone, Minette Grosse, Dorothy Hagen, Adelaide Hallock, Jules Hanft, Jessie Heathman, Jay Higgins, Ray L. Holmes, Slim Holmes, Harry Howard, Wallace Howe, Mark Jones, Clo King, Nellie Kushell, M.S. Lacey, Gaylord Lloyd, Chris Lynton, Bert Maddox, William McCormack, Jack McGinnis, E.G. Miller, Harold Miller, Marie Mills, Dorothy Morgan, Jack Morgan, Dolly Mullen, George Murphy, Louis Natheaux, Alice Nichols, William H. O’Brien, Richard Pannell, Tex Parker, Hazel Powell, Gus Priddy, Joe Ray, James Richardson, Bertha Roberts, Betty Roddy, Laura Roessing, Constantine Romanoff, Jack Russell, Lou Salter, Alma Saunders, Don Saunders, Alma Schram, Olaf Schuler, Louis Shank, Jerry Shelton, Ida Shoemaker, William Sidmore, H.C. Simmons, Jack Singleton, Crete Sipple, Lyle Tayo, Bert Turner, Jessalyn Van Trump, Anna Wilson, Noah Young

Hal Roach Studios, Incorporated, production; distributed by Pathé Exchange, Incorporated. / Produced by Hal Roach. Scenario by Hal Roach and Sam Taylor. Cinematography by Walter Lundin. Edited by Thomas J. Crizer + [Charles Bilkey]. / Released 29 May 1921. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The film was rereleased in the USA by Associated Exhibitors, Incorporated, through Pathé Exchange, Incorporated, in 1923. [?] Braff-Short n. 612 lists the director as Frank Newmeyer, the leading lady as Mildred Harris, and the release date as 3 July 1921.


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Listing updated: 18 February 2012.

References: Braff-Short n. 612 : Photoplay-192306 p. 9 : Website-IMDb.

Home video: DVD.

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