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A Continuing Exploration of the Life and Death of William Desmond Taylor
By Bruce Long

This mirror site is available on the Silent Era website by permission of Bruce Long.
Unless otherwise indicated, all material in the Taylorology section of this website may be freely redistributed.

William Desmond Taylor

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Acknowledgements Received
by Bruce, in Books


1987 Acknowledgement in A Cast of Killers (paperback edition) by Sidney D. Kirkpatrick.


1990 Acknowledgement in A Deed of Death by Robert Giroux.


1994 Acknowledgement in Mabel Normand: A Source Book to Her Life and Films by William Thomas Sherman.


2004 Acknowledgement in Murder in Hollywood by Charles Higham.


2004 Acknowledgement in Keystone: The Life and Clowns of Mack Sennett by Simon Louvish.


2004 Acknowledgement in The Film Comedy Reader by Gregg Rickman.


2007 Acknowledgement in Wallace Reid: The Life And Death of a Hollywood Idol by E. J. Felming.


1990 Acknowledgement in Behind the Mask of Innocence by Kevin Brownlow.


1991 Acknowledgement in Eighty Silent Film Stars by George A. Katchmer.


1993 Acknowledgement in True Crime: Unsolved Crimes by Time-Life Books.


1993 Acknowledgement in Ernst Lubitsch: Laughter in Paradise by Scott Eyman.


1999 Acknowledgement in Florence Lawrence, The Biograph Girl by Kelly R. Brown.


1999 Acknowledgement in Silent Films, 1877-1996: A Critical Guide to 646 Movies by Robert K. Klepper.


2001 Acknowledgement in Golden Images: 41 Essays on Silent Film Stars by Eve Golden.


2001 Acknowledgement in Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped Hollywood 1910-1969 by William J. Mann.


2002 Acknowledgement in King Baggot: A Biography and Filmography of the First King of the Movies by Sally A. Dumaux.


2002 Acknowledgement in Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro by Andre Soares.


And from Bruce’s real job at ASU:

1994 Acknowledgement in The Theory of the Chemostat: Dynamics of Microbial Competition by Hal L. Smith and Paul Waltman.


1994 Acknowledgement in Arithmetic Geometry: Conference on Arithmetic Geometry With an Emphasis on Iwasawa Theory by Nancy Childress and John W. Jones.


1995 Acknowledgement in Monotone Dynamical Systems by Hal L. Smith.


1998 Acknowledgement in Terrestrial Radiative Transfer: Modeling, Computation and Data Analysis by H. H. Natsuyama, S. Ueno, and A. P. Wang.


2001 Acknowledgement in Combinatorics and Partially Ordered Sets: Dimension Theory by William T. Trotter.

William Desmond Taylor

Nonfiction Books

W.D. Taylor: A Dossier
A Cast of Killers
A Deed of Death
Murder in Hollywood
Famous Players


A Work in Progress

Updates to this site will be announced in the William Desmond Taylor discussion group on Facebook.


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Silent Era Home Page  >  Taylorology  >  Acknowledgements


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