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July 1918

Digital facsimile on
Windows and Macintosh compatible CD-R




Photoplay Magazine, Volume XIV, Number 2, July 1918
Digital facsimile produced by Rich Olivieri

Sunrise Silents : Middletown, Rhode Island : 29 July 2009
No ISBN number : 124 pages : CD-R disc in keepcase : $14.95

Reviewed by Carl Bennett
pageThis digital facsimile edition of a Photoplay Magazine issue from 1918 is packed with articles, photos, reviews, film novelizations, and trade and commercial advertisements. Photoplay was the top fan film magazine of the silent era in the United States, and often relayed facts (and sometimes billious exaggeration) on films, actors and directors that were reported nowhere else.

This issue contains the articles “Photoplay Writing” by John Emerson and Anita Loos, “Mary Pickford, the Girl” by Delight Evans, “Putting It Together” by Helen Starr on film editors, plus articles on Alice Brady, Gladys Brockwell, Marguerite Clark, Marjorie Daw, Elsie Ferguson, Louise Huff, Doris Kenyon, Gladys Leslie, Alla Nazimova, Pauline Starke, Fay Tincher, Maurice Tourneur and others. Reviews of Masks and Faces (1917), An Alien Enemy (1918), A Bachelor’s Children (1918), Berlin via America (1918), The Biggest Show on Earth (1918), A Bit of Jade (1918), Blindfolded (1918), The Blindness of Divorce (1918), The Bride’s Awakening (1918), The Busy Inn (1918), Conquered Hearts (1918), The Curse of Iku (1918), The Danger Game (1918), Danger Within (1918), The Doctor and the Woman (1918), A Dog’s Life (1918), Dolly Does Her Bit (1918), The Face in the Dark (1918), The Girl From Beyond (1918), The Hand at the Window (1918), Hearts of Diamonds (1918), Her One Mistake (1918), The House of Silence (1918), How Could You Caroline? (1918), Just a Woman (1918), The Land Loper (1918), The Law of the Great Northwest (1918), Leap to Fame (1918), Let’s Get a Divorce (1918), The Lonely Woman (1918), The Love Brokers (1918), Mlle. Paulette (1918), The Marriage Lie (1918), Mile-a-Minute Kendall (1918), The Million Dollar Dollies (1918), Mr. Fix-It (1918), M’liss (1918), A Mother’s Secret (1918), The Passing of the Third Floor Back (1918), Paying His Debt (1918), Playing the Game (1918), The Purple Lily (1918), The Reason Why (1918), Resurrection (1918), Rich Man, Poor Man (1918), Riders of the Night (1918), A Romance of the Underworld (1918), Rose O’ Paradise (1918), Ruler of the Road (1918), The Seal of Silence (1918), Society for Sale (1918), The Soul of Buddha (1918), The Tiger Man (1918), The Trail to Yesterday (1918), Treasure of the Sea (1918), Twenty-One (1918), The Two-Soul Woman (1918), Tyrant Fear (1918), The Unchastened Woman (1918), Unclaimed Goods (1918), Up the Road with Sallie (1918), The White Man’s Law (1918), With Hoops of Steel (1918) and With Neatness and Dispatch (1918). Photographs of Tallulah Bankhead, Marguerite Clark, William S. Hart, Sessue Hayakawa, Louise Huff, Gladys Hulette, Gladys Leslie, Shirley Mason, Eugene O’Brien, Olga Petrova, Marvel Rae, Jackie Saunders, Cliff Smith, Blanche Sweet, Norma Talmadge, Mary Thurman, Pearl White and Lucille Zintheo. Cover portrait of Doris Kenyon by W. Haskell Coffin. Of additional interest is a fiction adaptation of Hearts of the World (1918) by Julian Johnson, a fiction adaptation of His Own Home Town (1918) by Laura Proctor, “The Eagle’s Eye” (fiction) by Courtney Ryley Cooper, “Questions and Answers” by The Answer Man, and the series of short cinema tidbits in “Plays and Players” and “The Shadow Stage.”

We examined the edition on a Macintosh OS X computer with a DVD/CD drive. The Javascript-controlled, web-browser dependent disc operated as intended with OS X browsers Safari, Camino and Firefox. The disc should function properly in Windows browsers.

The page scans are clear and free of moirés, especially in the largest views, and all body type in the magazine in readable in all three page view sizes.

We recommend this CD-R edition of a typical issue of Photoplay Magazine.

SUNRISE SILENTS has discontinued business and this publication is OUT-OF-PRINT.
Silent Era Home Page  >  Books  >  Photoplay Magazine July 1918



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