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  Bartkevitch (center) and Ivan Mosjoukine (top).
Photograph: Courtesy Flicker Alley.
La Maison du mystère
(The House of Mystery)
(1921-1923) French
B&W : Serial / 8714 metres
Directed by Alexandre Volkoff

Cast: Ivan Mosjoukine [Julien Villandrit], Charles Vanel [Henri Corradin], Hélène Darly [Régine de Bettigny], Francine Mussey [Christiane Villandrit, as a young woman], Nicolas Koline [Rudeberg], Bartkevitch ([?] ? Bartkevitch) [Monsieur Marjory, a former banker], Simone Genevois [Christiane Villandrit, as a child], Claude Bénédict [Général de Bettigny], Nina Raievskaya [Madame de Bettigny], Vladimir Strijevsky [Pascal Rudeberg, as a young man], Fabien Haziza [Pascal Rudeberg, as a boy], Gilbert Dacheux [Urbain], Pierre Hot [the assistant public prosecutor], Jane Munier [Christiane Villandrit, at age 5], José Davert [a convict], Ernest Bourbon [a convict]

Ermolieff-Cinéma and Films Albatros production; distributed by Eclipse. / Produced by Joseph Ermolieff and Alexandre Kamenka. Scenario by Alexandre Volkoff and Ivan Mosjoukine, from the novel La Maison du mystère by Jules Mary. Production design by Alexandre Lochakoff and Edouard Gosch. Cinematography by Nikolai Toporkoff, Joseph-Louis Mundviller and [?] [Fédote]? Bourgasoff. / Ten episodes: [1] “L’Ami félon” (The Trecherous Friend), released 1921; [2] “Le Secret de l’étang” (The Secret of the Pond); [3] “L’Ambition au service de la haine” (Ambition in Service of Hate); [4] “L’Implacable verdict” (The Implacable Verdict); [5] “Le Pont vivant” (The Human Bridge); [6] “La Voix du sang” (The Voice of Blood); [7] “Les Caprices du destin” (The Whims of Fate); [8] “En Champ clos” (No Way Out); [9] “L’Angoisse de Corradin” (The Anxieties of Corradin); [10] “Le Triomphe de l’amour” (The Triumph of Love), released 1923. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.33:1 format. / The early episodes of the serial was produced by Ermolieff-Cinéma, and then production was taken up by Films Albatros. The film was released in France in ten weekly episodes by Eclipse as of 23 March 1923. The film was released in Finland on 2 December 1923. The film was reedited to feature length (3260 metres) and released in France on 15 March 1929.


Survival status: Prints exist in the Cinémathèque française film archive [35mm negative, 35mm positive].

Current rights holder: La Cinémathèque française.

Keywords: Animals: Cows, Dogs, Horses - Bridges (Rope) - Chases - Children - Foreign Legion - Photography - Prisons: Escapes, Guards, Prisoners - Transportation: Automobiles, Boats, Locomotives, Trains (Train tracks) - War: World War I (28 July 1914-11 November 1918) - Water - Weapons: Guns

Listing updated: 25 March 2015.

References: Film credits, film viewing : Bardèche-History p. 169 : ClasIm-204 pp. 36-38 : Website-IMDb : with additional information provided by Lenny Borger.

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