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Goldwyn Pictures
Type of Company Production company
Country of Origination United States of America
Years of Operation Formed 1917 from Goldwyn Producing Corporation
Active 1917 through 1923
Company Principals Samuel Goldwyn, president (1917 through 9 March 1922)
Frank J. Godsol, president (9 March 1922 through ?)
Francis A. Gudger, 1st vice-president (9 March 1922 through ?)
Advisory Board (circa 1917): Edgar Selwyn, Irvin S. Cobb, Arthur Hopkins, Margaret Mayo, Roi Cooper Megrue, Archibald Selwyn, Crosby Gaige, Porter Emerson Browne
Board of Directors (9 March 1922 through ?): Eli H. Bernheim, George P. Bissell, Edward Bowes, William Braeden, H.F. DuPont, Frank J. Godsol, Samuel Goldwyn, Francis A. Gudger, P.W. Haberman, Gabriel L. Hess, Moritz Hilder, Frank H. Hitchcock, Duncan A. Holmes, Henry Ittleson, Messmore Kendall, Abraham Lehr, Lee Shubert, Albert N. Wittenberg
Company Offices 16 East 42nd Street, New York, New York (circa 1917)
460 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York (circa 1923)
Company Studios Culver City, California (circa 1923)

Goldwyn Pictures Corporation productions were distributed by Goldwyn Distributing Corporation. The company name may have been a marketing name for Goldwyn Producing Corporation. The company merged with Metro Pictures Corporation in 1923.

References: FilmDaily-1923 p. 317.

Silent Era Home Page  >  PSFL  >  Companies  >  G  >  Goldwyn Pictures Corporation



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